Alisa Miller, the head of Public Radio International, gave this talk at the November 2008 TED Conference, she succinctly describes the current state of foreign news, which is particularly driven by United States and British media companies. In four brief but enlightening minutes she paints a horrifying picture of the state of foreign news today.

Now I'd like to give you a brief look at some of the stories you're missing, for example, what are we losing from our knowledge about the not-so-distant future of Iraq with the massive media withdrawal there?

Or in Mexico, right on our border, perhaps if we knew more about the goings-on across Mexico, rather than just on the border, we'd see a potential solution to the police and security crisis there?

During the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2008-2009, I'll bet you didn't hear about the destruction of one of the larger local businesses and food suppliers to Gaza residents. How would it change your outlook to have learned about that at the time?

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