This week I'm in Berlin for an event organized by Tactical Tech, meeting with various trainers in the digital security space. The big question on the table is how to improve materials available to trainers. The bulk of materials in this space are written as informational material for end-users. If you want to increase the adoption of digital security practices, you have must also increase the capacity of individual trainers to teach these subjects. Last year Small World News spent a number of months developing a curriculum for mobile journalism, including a section with 10 modules on mobile safety and security. Currently these lessons are written in a style for user-directed learning.

As part of the gathering here in Berlin, I'll be working on making these modules more accessible to other trainers. To expand their relevance, I'll have to take the existing content, and develop a teacher's textbook. Teacher's textbooks go beyond what a student has in front of them, to expand the learning with elements such as demonstrations, activities, and quizzes.

We hope to follow this event by disseminating the material to other trainers and supporting broader collaboration and resource sharing. We believe broad sharing of Creative Commons licensed material will increase the body of knowledge available to trainers and users alike.