Small World News can announce today that its StoryMaker app has been downloaded more than 5,000 times by Android users in the U.S., Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In April 2013 SWN released the beta version of StoryMaker, an open-source Android app that helps anyone create great video, photo, and audio stories using their mobile device.

Conceived to improve the capacity of citizen journalists in conflict zones, StoryMaker can be used by anyone who wants to create multimedia stories. The app also provides users a 65-lesson curriculum, produced in conjunction with the International Center for Journalists and Free Press Unlimited.

With our partners, we’ve launched projects using StoryMaker in Zimbabwe, Libya, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, and Tunisia. We’ll soon be launching projects in other countries. Small World News believes the fundamentals of mobile storytelling are the same across cultures, and designed StoryMaker to be helpful to anyone who has a story to tell.

StoryMaker is currently available in Arabic and English, and in the coming weeks we will release Spanish and French localizations. With your help, we can translate it into other languages. Check out the localization project at Transifex and sign up to translate the app into your native language today!

To learn more about how StoryMaker works, check out this introductory video created by SWN co-founder Steve Wyshywaniuk:

Download the app at the Google Play Store.