Mark Rendeiro is in Georgia this week training locals to use new media tools for public campaigns, specifically related to advocacy. He's blogging about his trip on his website Citizen Reporter.

While some nations in the EU curse their governments for not representing them in what is financially a very troubled union, here we find those outside wishing to get in. With what seems like very different goals, at least when it comes to the symbolic desire to be EU¦ maybe Georgians would find more happiness in being a member state, even if the economy looks pretty bad.

In the coming days here in Tbilisi, I'll of course hear more about this bid to be part of the EU and the primary reasons for it. I'll report back with what I learn.

Check out his website, follow him on Twitter, and stay tuned for more updates. When he returns, we'll have a full report on what he experienced and what we were able to accomplish.

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