We'd like to announce that we've started producing our first training guide, Small World News' Guide to Safely and Securely Producing Media. We've wanted to produce this guide for a long time now, and we thrilled to finally have the time and the resources to make it happen.We're planning to release this free downloadable guide at the end of July, but before we do that we'd like to have a team of experienced people review our first draft and provide feedback. We're on track to have our first draft ready for peer review on June 28th, so if you'd like to be apart of that process please get in touch with us immediately.  (@SteveWyshy) (@SmallWorldNews) THE SWN APPROACH Obviously we're not the first people to be producing a training guide in this space. There are literally dozens and dozens of great guides on security practices, on media training and even on security and media creation together. But we think one of the elements that has been long overlooked is expressing this information visually. We've found some great graphic designers to work with to help us make this guide as clear and simple as possible.

We think this visual emphasis will make the learning curve easier for beginners as well as make the skills and information translate across cultures and languages more clearly.

The guide will focus on the following elements: Security, Tools, & Media Production. Wrapping a production guide around a security guide is what has always made the most sense to us. Even when you have the best guides for all three areas in front of you it can be difficult to see how different parts of the process will impact the other. By addressing security concerns while reviewing production basics will help producers remain more aware, more alert, and ultimately safer.

Initially this guide is being designed for trainees and activists looking to produce media in the Arab world. Ever since our Alive in Baghdad days and more recently after our work on Alive in Egypt activists across the Arab world have requested additional support from us. We've planned to release the guide in Arabic and English initially, and we're working to have it translated into Korean, Spanish soon after it's release. If you're interested in translating the guide into a language you're fluent in please let us know, we're hoping to make the guide as widely readable as possible.

We're scheduled to release the guide at the end of July 2011. We're planning to publish it under a creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike license and made freely available online for anyone to download on Small World News. If you'd like more information, details, or you'd like to be apart of the review process, don't hesitate to contact me or anyone at Small World News.

Steve Wyshywaniuk @SteveWyshy

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Link: http://smallworldnews.com/blog/safely-and-securely-producing-media-a-training-guide-2