In 2012 Small World News was invited to join the Video4Change network. Video4Change provides support and resources for the use of video to document human rights abuses and encourage social change. As part of the network SWN produced a guide called “Effective Video on Low-Cost Devices.”  This week we’re reuniting with old colleagues and meeting recent additions to the network in Mexico to discuss collaborations and the future of the network.

Over the weekend we will open the event up to the public for a day. Visitors from Mexico and across Latin America will be invited to learn more about v4c and participate in a series of workshops. Small World New will running a workshop on mobile video basics. In addition, we will be meeting Latin American media makers to get some feedback on our work developing new StoryMaker templates and lessons for Latin America with a focus on supporting journalists and activists in Cuba.

During the v4c gathering we’re hoping to energize our colleagues around the use of StoryMaker. We also want to demonstrate how Small World News can support them in other ways, such as developing curriculum materials and running training-of-trainers (ToT) workshops. In particular we look forward to feedback on StoryMaker and learning what is missing from StoryMaker to make it most useful for those focused on video4change.