This week we released our latest guide. The new guide is an attempt to assist those who are forced to rely on satellite phones for communication, particularly in conflict areas and repressive states. Satellite phones are all closed source technology, making them an incredibly risky tool to rely on in life threatening situations. Because satellite phones, or satphones, are an insecure tool, the first thing that must be said about this guide, is that this guide will not keep you safe and secure, but we believe it can keep you safer.

In the wake of the murder of two journalists in Homs last month, we published this guide as quickly as possible. It was originally developed to assist satphone users, particularly those working as activists and likely under severe threat from their government. It is not a complete guide for journalists, aid workers, or other use cases, though we believe it is a very good start.

Some individuals have already asked us about the risks of satellite modems.I Although this guide focuses on satphones, satellite modems share similar risks. The number one issue to remember is that it is very easy to locate your position via the radio transmission from your satellite broadcast. Whether you are using a phone, a modem, or a satellite pager, your transmissions are the first risk you take.

Please check out the guide, offer suggestions, and if we can assist you with better understanding the safety and security concerns around your technology and communications, let us know!

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