Media development organization Internews has released a new report on the state of Libyan Media. Authored by Jamal Dajani and Jacobo Quintanilla, the report explores the recent history of media in Libya, speculates on the future, and provides a comprehensive "Media Map" of all the news outlets, independent or otherwise, operating in Libya today. From Internews:

This is a monumental  indeed revolutionary shift in Libyan politics and society, and is one of the key channels for the extraordinary level of energy released by the uprising, the report states. New initiatives include print and satellite TV; terrestrial TV and radio; multiple online collaborations; as well as cartoons, music, graffiti, theatre, and other forms. Free speech and free media are central rebel demands, which makes these new media efforts core to the uprising's very image and identity, key to its mobilisation, and an early embodiment of some of the its main goals.

The report even contains a section on Small World News' project Alive in Libya:

Alive in Libya - Internews Report
Alive in Libya - Internews Report