Smock, center, during a Small World News video workshop in Tripoli, Libya.

Smock, center, during a Small World News video workshop in Tripoli, Libya.

Beginning in January my title changed from curriculum director to interim director of Small World News. I began working with Small World News three years ago and am excited to now be in a position to bring my full experience as a journalist, educator and media trainer to a great team.

The change is intended to allow Small World News co-founder Brian Conley to work exclusively on StoryMaker alongside Steve Wyshywaniuk, the other founder of Small World News. Both will still be involved in the daily operation of Small World News.

For me, this is a chance to push Small World News toward its full potential. At the core that mean building  stronger community around the tools and concepts essential to better journalism and activism.

Make no mistake - we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. This is just the beginning of a revolution in mobile and citizen journalism. You need only look at its key role in stories ranging from Syria to Cuba to Ferguson. It is essential that our community have the training and tools needed to fulfill our growing mission. Small World News wants to be at the center of that.

In addition to my work with Small World News, I am the Director of Photojournalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. Before that I worked as a photographer for the Associated Press in New York City and SIPA press in Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Middle East. I have also worked for years as a media trainer in trouble spots around the globe.

I hope my new role contributes to even greater engagement with the Small World News community. Look forward to working with you all