I’m in the beautiful city of Perugia for my first time, attending the annual International Journalism Festival. The city and the event complement each other well. The slow, relaxing pace of the town helps attendees step back and get some perspective on the challenging message for journalism presented at the festival.

Yesterday Small World News co-founder Brian Conley and I gave our presentation, “Connecting with the crowd for better journalism,”  to an interested and engaged group. We’ll be publishing the slides as soon as we can. Be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter.

The streets and restaurants are filled with trainers, directors, technologist and an amazing variety of journalists. There are no discussions about whether or not social is a fad or how and when newsrooms should “go digital.” Instead, people here are talking about best practices for journalism in an environment of constant change that demands experimentation.

If you don’t believe me, check out: #IJF15

There is a long and uncertain road ahead for anyone working in Journalism. How and when it will find some equilibrium between constantly changing technology, a shifting social audience and a sustainable financial model is anyone’s guess. We believe that looking at solutions that provide real results rather than grasping at old models or overblown theories about the future is a first step.



Link: http://smallworldnews.com/blog/loz8qcjtakexr6cq36x0qlhigyf3vn