English is the global language, no question about it. Everywhere we go in our work, no matter how isolated the area, we are always surprised to meet young people who greet us in American-accented English filled with idioms gleaned from The Simpsons. Yet working with English as a second (or third or fourth!) language, especially in software applications, can create a disadvantage and needless confusion. As our goal with StoryMaker is to broaden access to multimedia production anywhere in the world there are stories to be told, it is essential to us that the app be available in whatever language our users feel most comfortable using.

Translating software, with its updates and changes, is a bit trickier than translating normal text. That's why we use Transifex to translate StoryMaker. Transifex is a web-based translation platform that enables collaboration in translating. We have quite a team of volunteers already hard at work, but we can always use more help.

If you have language skills that you could share with us, to help us deliver our open-source app into as many hands as possible, please take a look at our guide to getting started with Transifex.

With your help we can ensure that StoryMaker can go hand in hand with the spread of smart mobile devices around the world-- giving people the chance to get to know themselves, and each other, a little better.


Link: http://smallworldnews.com/blog/help-us-translate-storymaker-with-transifex