I showed up late to work today, and then I had to let a certain someone back into their home so by the time I started working it was already 2:00 in the afternoon. I spent a large portion of the day fighting with a translation which still has yet to be subtitled because I was entirely too easily distracted by the million other things we need to do. We got around to recording the second N3 show sometime around 11. I think they're coming together quite well, we'll put together an intro over the weekend and it should work out fairly well. I got it edited and online for a few folks to check out (sorry, you're probably not one of them) and I was still wide awake, so I cleaned up the office. And now here I am, a little after 6 in the morning Saturday, informing you, the good people at SWN.TV about it all.


Lets hope I'm able to function by noon tomorrow.



Link: http://smallworldnews.com/blog/full-days-work