It has come to my attention from a number of people that this post has been misconstrued by some as being negative against Next New Networks. I'd like to clarify this. We have nothing but good feelings about Next News' support for Small World News. We don't blame Next New for discontinuing the program. Next New Networks has been one of the primary clients for Small World News and we still have hope to work with them in the future. The intent of the previous post was simply to detail some of our travails in trying to locate a sustainable source of funding. I've been fairly stressed out lately by our financial situation and I believe some of the post may have come out a bit brash.

It is my hope that no one at Next New Networks has been upset by the post, and if they have, I hope they'll accept my sincere apologies, as no feelings were intended to be hurt. In the internet world three months is a long time, and viewers tend to be fickle on the web. We'll continue to look for sponsorships, advertising, and investment opportunities and look forward to a future where we might work with Next New again.

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