From Donia Jarrar's blog:

On April 8th, 2011 I had the opportunity to give a TEDx Talk as part of TEDxUofM at the historic Michigan Theater in front of a 1700 member audience. I was very lucky to be able to speak as a part of such an inspiring group of people, and that I had the chance to share my story.

Donia Jarrar is one of the many volunteer translators who worked with us during the early days of the Arab Spring. In this video she shares her personal story of how she came to Egypt, how she became involved in translating Speak2Tweet messages, and eventually, how she partnered with Small World News' Alive in Egypt project.

Donia's story is very important to us at Small World News, not only as a display of the motivation and dedication of our translation team, but because her experience exposes one of the many ways citizen journalists "self-select." That is, how the daily lives and experiences of people all over the world lead them to telling stories, their own as well as their fellow citizens.

Why you choose to report is often just as important as what you choose to report. Donia's personal history, from her family's upheaval at the age of 4 to her life as an Arab student in the United States, culminated perfectly in a special drive to make the voices of Egypt's revolution heard - across media and across borders.

Donia's experience stands as a powerful example of the unique experiences - both extraordinary and ordinary - that lead one to creating and sharing citizen media with the world.

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